A unique fusion of comedy and history, “Rzhevsky against Napoleon” is set against the backdrop of Napoleon Bonaparte’s conquests. By fusing fiction with actual people, the movie approaches historical events in a lighthearted manner. This review explores the characters, story, and overall production value of the film.

Plot Analysis: The plot centers on a bold scheme to use a femme fatale to divert Napoleon’s attention, which sets up Lieutenant Rzhevsky’s hilarious disguise. The plot’s unique and engaging narrative is produced by fusing historical events with humorous aspects.

The power of deception, the absurdity of war, and gender roles in historical context are some of the major topics. The movie offers a distinct viewpoint on historical events while playful with these subjects.

Character Development: As Rzhevsky, Pavel Derevyanko excels, lending the part a charming and humorous combination. Napoleon is given a humorous twist by Vladimir Zelensky’s interpretation, while Svetlana Khodchenkova’s portrayal of Natasha Rostova gives the story a strong feminine presence.

  • Historical humor
  • The Napoleonic Era
  • Rzhevsky, Lieutenant
  • Reversal of gender roles
  • A humorous take on history
  • The tone of the review is lighthearted and captivating, reflecting the movie’s approach to comedy and history.

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TitleRzhevsky against Napoleon
Release DateSummer 2011
RuntimeNot specified (likely around 90-120 minutes)
GenreComedy, Historical
DirectorNot specified
Main ActorsPavel Derevyanko, Vladimir Zelensky, Svetlana Khodchenkova
LanguageLikely Russian
Filming GeographyUkraine
Production Budget$5,000,000
  1. What is the premise of ‘Rzhevsky against Napoleon’?
    • The film is a comedic take on historical events, focusing on a plot to distract Napoleon using a disguised Lieutenant Rzhevsky.
  2. Who stars in ‘Rzhevsky against Napoleon’?
    • Pavel Derevyanko as Rzhevsky, Vladimir Zelensky as Napoleon, and Svetlana Khodchenkova as Natasha Rostova.
  3. Is the film historically accurate?
    • While it uses historical figures, the film is a comedic interpretation and not meant to be historically accurate.
  4. What themes are explored in the movie?
    • Themes include the absurdity of war, the power of deception, and gender roles.

Additional Instructions

  • Emphasize the comedic and light-hearted nature of the film.
  • Avoid revealing major plot twists or the ending.


“Rzhevsky against Napoleon” offers a hilarious and unconventional take on historical events, blending comedy with real-life figures. Its unique approach to storytelling and character portrayal makes it a must-watch for fans of historical comedies and those looking for a light-hearted interpretation of history.